Cortextual Voyager 3000

In collaboration with Jeffrey Yip & Robin Birdd & Macro Waves

Cortexual Voyager 3000 is a healing space that centers on connecting with our subconscious mind. This interactive installation follows a narrative held in a distant utopian future where humans have reached a higher state of consciousness through meditation. Performance is then utilized as a vehicle for storytelling.  Participants are welcomed by "subconscious guides"  from the future to help viewers heal from the trauma of today's society.  

By using biofeedback apparatuses, data is generated from the participants causing the space to react with light and sound. The participants are encouraged to calm themselves through meditation, and when the biosensors detect the ideal state for tranquility, the space itself becomes tranquil with the aid of light and binaural beats.

In our modern era with the political landscape becoming increasingly extreme, the need for healing spaces is ever-so needed. We believe revolution starts within the individual. By introducing a meditation in the framework of play, we hope to empower individuals with a toolset to create their own self-care practice.